Our Favorite Shoes on and off the Football Field

One of the most popular soccer shoes from the Nike soccer cleats has to be the Nike Legend. They are not only comfortable, but also long lasting. The level of comfort ability that these shoes have¬†attracted the feet of soccer’s most celebrated players including Ronaldinho and Cesc Fabregas having to put on these shoes while playing the great sport we all love.

In early May 2010, Nike came out with the Elite Series football boots giving players a better chance to perform better since they are currently lighter and has been proven to be 16% lighter. It’s made of kangaroo leather making it comfortable to wear and the mid-sole has a molded sock liner of Poron cushioning for perfect fitting and that extra comfort. These soccer shoes come in a wide array of colors making them ideal while matching with any team’s uniform. Learn how Nike became an iconic brand in making sport shoes.

The average energy expenditure a player uses during a soccer match, being ninety minutes, the reduced weight on the shoes allow players to reduce the energy they might have used while wearing other shoe brands. The reduced energy allows players to save energy, therefore, giving them an extra push during the final minutes of the game.

The Adidas F50 Adizero soccer boots are also becoming popular among soccer players. From a time in memorial, Adidas has created innovative products for all fitness enthusiast not forgetting athletes. The footwear brand has become popular with soccer players, and the shoes have elevated amateur players to professionals. Because of the passion Adidas has put into the soccer shoes. More and more all-star professionals are adorning the best shoes while playing. You kind of find out more about the best shoes at http://bestwalkingshoes.com.

The f50 are the latest soccer shoe brand that Adidas has come up with and have become popular because of their lightness and the creative features the shoes have not forgotten the colors one can choose from especially the luminous colors that are attractive to the eye. Some of the soccer shoes weight-less than six ounces giving athletes top speed. The shoes also have an area on the upper and inside of the feet that have some traction material that helps soccer players in kicking.

Adidas also offers the sprint skin synthetic uppers which are strong and thin that help players feel the ball. The bottom frames are made to reinforce the uppers and help in preventing abrasion. They also come with glove soft leather for the sort after perfect fit. The soccer boots come with ultra light sock liners which are both removable and interchangeable. The shoes are praised for increasing stability and aid in supporting lateral or medial moves.

With soccer’s popularity growing by the day, the search for better soccer shoes is always a guarantee. The materials a soccer player ought to look for while searching for the right shoe include rubber, leather and synthetic blends. A player has also to get the right shoes for the right playing field. A pitch that is artificial will require a different shoe than that required while playing on hard ground or soft ground.

Before you start playing a match, kindly practice with the soccer shoes in order for your feet to get acquainted with the soccer shoes.