Mattresses Fit for Athletes

uponamattressAthletes are extremely tired from day to day training and hard work. They mostly train all day and don’t get many breaks especially when they are preparing for an important sporting event. The only escape that they have from all the stress of their everyday activity is the time that they get to rest and sleep. This is why athletes need optimum sleep to relax their body for the next day of another training session. The best way to achieve a deep relaxing sleep is to have the perfect mattress to sleep on. There are many different types of mattresses and different manufacturers that produce them but athletes need something that are customized for them to get a good night’s sleep. To let their body recharge, most athletes choose these mattresses to get the benefits of sleep to the fullest.

Beausommet By Essentia

Essentia is not a very popular brand but is well known for making custom type mattresses especially for athelets. Beausommet is one of their best models that combine pressure relief and superior comfort to make sure that athletes get the correct alignment of their spine as well as muscle relaxation and support for recovery. This Beausommet mattress wants to promote the natural recovery of a person’s body after a rigorous day of training which makes it best for athletes to choose. It has natural memory foam made with rubber tree sap that gives you the feeling of authentic memory foam without the chemicals. This kind of mattress gives you a firm feel compared to regular mattresses and it is what gives you the relief that you are looking for.

Essentia Dormeuse

Another great mattress made by Essentia is the Dormeuse mattress that features softer foam. This mattress is made to get the body’s contour for premium comfort and as a bonus; it offers a 20 year manufacturer warranty. Just like the Beausommet, the Dormeuse features natural memory foam but the difference is that this specific model is very soft because it promotes peripheral blood circulation for faster muscle recovery. Another benefit of this mattress is the deep state contouring support that gives you a cradling sensation that is made for shoulder pain, neck pain and lower back arch relief. These are the three most common problems that athletes are known to suffer from. The Dormeuse is made with the Zebrano fabric which is exclusive to Essentia. This is an organic cotoon cover that is both breathable and durable.

The Dorsoo Mattress

Dorsoo specializes in producing therapeutic mattresses and they have mattresses that provide great support for back pain. This is also a good mattress for heavy people. This mattress comes with an anti allergic cover and anti static carbon wires that offers permanent ventilation to make it stay cool and dry at all times. This mattress is resistant to dust mites and provides superior comfort. Because this mattress is especially designed for atheletes, the mattress follows the movement of hydraulic pumps in the bed. It also has two separate mattress cores for couples that share one bed.