Competition Recurve Bow for Beginners

Recurve bows are wooden arc structures with curved tips which help to increase the speed while shooting a target. They are mainly used in Archery target and competition in the Olympics. They can come in two different ways that’s some are intact while others are in different parts whereby you will be required to assemble the parts. The ones which require to be assembled are good because they ease in transportation. Many people who are beginners in the sport find it hard to know the right recurve bows to use. Below is a list of recurve bow designs best for beginners.

Ragim Wildcat Takedown Recurve Set

This is ideal bow for any beginner who wants to get started since it is affordable .It is specifically built for target shooting and recreational purposes which cater for the right and left handed people.

This is best choice for a beginner since it comes as a whole set whereby it include four arrows, the takedown curve, a belt quiver, arrow rest, leather finger tab ,bow stringer and manual which will be useful with information on how well to use it. This bow is useful since it can shoot at a target from 70 yards. It is well design to offer a variety of bow lengths and as a beginner you have the option of choosing a low weight draw which will be comfortable and you will be able to focus and also help in practicing and noting mistakes without unnecessary frustrations.

Martin Jaguar Recurve

This bow is built with aluminum and weighs 2.7 pounds which makes it lighter than any other. The riser grip is made up of patent thermal v grip which is best suited in warm and cold weather. This greatly assists one to have a well grip because we tend to sweat at some point in different conditions. It is pocket friendly and can perform better than some of the expensive bows since it was specially built for practice, hunting and 3D shooting. It is capable of shooting up to 40yards. For individuals with a sense of fashion and want to possess a bow worth looking Martin Jaguar Recurve is the best choice.

Bear Grizzly Recurve

This bow is relatively expensive, but it is excellent in terms of performance for any beginner because it is light and weighs 2 pounds that will enable you carry it in your arms for individual who are hunting and need to walk for a long stretch. The grizzly riser is covered with natural bear hair which assists even the in- experienced people to get a good shot. The strings on the bow don’t produce any vibration sound while shooting, and this is a great advantage since you will be able to focus, and the level of accuracy will be high.

Martin Saber Recurve

This is a great option since the riser is made up of aluminum that makes it be durable and light. The grip is extremely comfortable since it is built with a patent thermal v grip which allows one to have a good grip in all weather conditions since it is sweat resistant. It also doesn’t produce any vibration sound during shooting that is a plus because it will allow one to concentrate while shooting. The reliable source for the best recurve bow designs is